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 해녀 할머니의 하루

This book is about Jeju women divers. Those divers are called Haenyeo in the local language. And their lives and diving skills are quite fascinating. Our book is the first in the series about one such diver - an elderly lady who dives in style. Haenyeorina - an underwater ballerina and a wonderful Grandma.

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 해녀 할머니의 보물

Here is the second book in the Haenyeorina series. We follow Grandma Diver and her granddaughter into Grandma's house and help Grandma do her daily chores. Hopefully we don't disturb her much...

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coloring book​​​​​​​

Coloring book for Haenyeorina story

"For the Greater Wood" written and illustrated by Nika Tchaikovskaya and published in Korean in 2023. This is a survival story of a family of deer on the rapidly changing Jeju Island.

"Mom Goes to Jeju to Write a Book" is an illustrated novel by Nika Tchaikovskaya. It's a 99 percent true story about grandiose plans and about failure. And about family life  and Jeju Island, of course. Published in Korean in 2023.

Written by Christina E. Petrides and Illustrated by Nika Tchaikovskaya. Published in 2020. This is a true story, a picture book based on the author's childhood memories in Georgia, USA. Christina remembers her grandfather, an American Navy veteran who had fought in the Second World War. After the war, he worked as a farmer, and grew many delicious blueberries, which he generously shared with friends and neighbors.

Written by Christina E. Petrides. Illustrated by Nika Tchaikovskaya. Published in 2022
Grandmas are busy people. Besides her family, Mrs. Tennant always makes time for three activities: baking, quilting, and giving weekly Sonshine programs in her local nursing homes. Over many years, she brings sweetness, color, and joy into countless lives. Tea Cakes, Quilts, and Sonshine is the companion book to Blueberry Man (2020). Like Blueberry Man, this is a true story, this time about the author's grandmother, a generous and joyful lady, who celebrates her 100th birthday in October, 2022.

The Korean version of Blueberry Man, 블루베리 맨, was published in 2021

Korean version of "Tea Cakes, Quilts and Sunshine" published in 2023